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A Survey ... What's Involved?

What goes into the survey process?

Survey Types & Services

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Pre Sale & Pre Purchase Site Visits

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About Tom

Born in San Francisco, Tom started his maritime career in 1972 working in a local shipyard on barges and tugs while volunteering aboard various sailing vessels such as the museum "scow" schooner ALMA, the schooners BRIGADOON, TALOFA and the racing yawl BARIENT BARUNA. 

     After graduating from the California Maritime Academy, Tom took his deck license and served as a watch officer one foreign flag vessels ... and as Mate and Master on ocean towing and salvage vessels.  Returning to San Francisco, he worked on local tugs and progressed his licenses to become a San Francisco Harbor Pilot ... and, eventually, moved North as a Puget Sound Pilot (Navy) for over 20yrs.  

     Throughout this time, Tom enjoyed restoring and sailing over thirteen different power and sailboats ... from a 40' light house tender to a 19' Lowell dory.  He has extensive hand's on experience with wooden and fiberglass construction, repair operations, systems repair, and troubleshooting.  

      Tom is a member of SAMS and ABYC ... serves as an Accredited Survey (#1158) ... and participates continuing eduction in all technical areas of vessel construction, maintenance and outfitting.

      Tom has also served in variety of capacities overseas - most recently with humanitarian efforts in Haiti.  He's also developed an attraction for puttering around the canals of Europe and holds licenses for both the Netherlands and France.

A Survey ... What's Involved?

Surveys are always a bit intrusive ... I mean - who likes to have their boat picked and poked!

So ... here's a short list of what to expect and what is entailed - along with some recommendations:

  • Have all documentation and major receipts for major work ...
  • Ensure that the vessel is operational ... ie: if it hasn't been run, do make sure that general maintenance is done, fuel is good, filters are clean, etc etc. 
  • Its usual for the buyer to pay for the haul out - - - good time to change zincs - - - compare and contrast yards in your area ... a midday haul is best during the lunch hour 
  • Do be available ... its always a help to move gear .... and be available to either answer questions or ask them!
  • A thorough survey takes time ... on average 3-4 hours ... with larger or older vessels taking more.  Do be available during the process ... its generally a good idea to meet initially and then debrief or catch up prior to hauling out.
  • Underway assessments vs. sea trials - as part of the survey process I normally observe the boat for at least an hour both under power and, if a sailboat, under sail if conditions allow - which is sufficient for the level of detail required for both financial and insurance underwriters.  A sea trial (if warranted) is more detailed and encompasses a complete set of engine trials, maneuvering trials, and other procedures that take several hours - billed separately at $65/hr. from start to finish.
  • You'll receive a work order prior to the survey date that outlines what the survey process covers and doesn't ... essentially, within the alotted time the vessel has to be  inspected and run to satisfy basic operational criteria for safety ... and to justify its value.  Surveys are not occasions to re-design systems recommend major alterations etc.
  • Do ask questions ... we're available during and after!  Emails, texts, and calls are welcome!
  • NOTE:  Like to review a Sample Survey to get an idea of what's entailed or provided?  Just ask ... I have several sail and power examples!
  • Finally, during the survey, I work for YOU!  Not the broker or boat owner.  That said, I always strive to bring up options and considerations during the process ....and I'm there to ensure that you are satisfied with the boat you're considering!

Survey Types and Services

Pre Sale or Pre Purchase Site Visit

     This is a basic 1hr+ visit to the vessel to take an initial impression of the condition and systems - handy if you're thinking about selling to have some of the "big ticket" concerns out of the way ... and handy if you're thinking about a particular vessel and are quite sure about the next step (or can't travel to see the boat just yet!)

Pre Purchase Condition and Valuation

    This is the comprehensive survey of a vessel as a contigency of purchase ... it covers all areas of safety and structure, systems, general operation, and appraisal to USCG, ABYC, and NFPA standards.  The report details the systems and contains field notes, along with a complete valuation, findings and recommendations for shortfalls or issues, and photo documentation.

Re-Insurance Survey

     A re-insurance survey is a periodic review of your vessel to validate its condition and operation for your underwriter.  While it covers the same level of detail for structure and systems as a pre-purchase survey, it generally doesn't require a haul out.

Damage Survey

     Life happens!  When unfortunate accidents or damage occurs, many times underwriters call in a surveyor to ascertain extend, recommend options, and even superintend repairs.

Survey Rates

Ok ... what's it cost!  First off ... just a note to say that the preliminary work, review of field notes, and generation of the reports takes as much time as the actual survey aboard - - - so:


Vessels up to 30' Length Overall        $17/foot

Vessels from 31-36' LOA.                       $18/foot

Vessels from 37-47' LOA.                       $19/foot

Vessels from 48-58' LOA.                       $20/foot

Vessels over 59' LOA -                              by contract

Travel Surcharges

Within 45minutes of Poulsbo       Within base rate

Tacoma.               $40 + bridge toll

Seattle.                $100 + ferry (seasonal only)

Everett                $80 + ferry (seasonal only)

Edmonds.           Ferry fare only

Olympia.            $60 + bridge tool

Port Angeles.  $80

Vessels of Wooden Construction

 Add $2/foot to the LOA charge ... Why is that??? Wooden vessels are more complex and deserve more concerted inspection time devoted ... especially older/restored classics.

Oil Samples

     Oil and fluid samples are handy for lab analysis of the engine's lubrication, coolant, and transmission/reduction gear.

     Samples run $40/ ... and take about a week to get back from the lab.

Pre Purchase / Pre Sale Site Visits

      As mentioned ... we conduct 1+ hr site visits for clients to a boat they might be considering or planning to sell.  

      For those thinking about buying ... sometimes you can't travel to the boat ... or aren't entirely sure you're ready.  A site visit is an overview of major issues or concerns, validates general condition, and gives a "impartial" eye to the process.  If you can't attend, an email summary with 8-10 photos is provided. Fees run from $120-$250 ... and if a complete survey is pursued then the fee is deducted from the full survey amount.

      Thinking of selling?  A site visit can give you an overview of major areas you might wish to attend to ... or some options to pursue to make the boat more attractive to buyers.  Sometimes its handy to have the impartial view help you decide price, consider repairs you might not have noticed, or simply give you some confidence when you get ready for the day when "that surveyor" comes to pick your boat apart!  : )

What are people saying?

"Tom performed a condition and valuation survey on my Grand Banks 32 as required by my insurance company.  He did a superb job, demonstrating extensive knowledge of boat construction and operation as well as current ABYC and regulatory standards.  In addition he passed on many useful recommendations to make the boat better, and also promoting a safe and reliable boating experience.  Very highly recommended!"  (Thanks Steve)

"Thomas's surveys are thorough and high quality ... He has surveyed three boats for me and will survey the next as well". Thanks Marcus

"Thomas really saved my boat."  Thanks Nic!

Oh there's a few more on Google if you like ... we strive to be objective and fair ... give honest appraisals ... and maintain the level of ethics and service that all SAMS Surveyors provide.

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thomas k. rose marine survey & consulting 575 Antonson Place Northeast poulsbo, WA 98370 US

(360) 633-0045